Discover One of Halkidiki's Best Kept Secrets

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Nea Gonia Drawing
Nea Gonia map


Nea Gonia, a village of 500 residents, lies on a plateau facing southwest at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level. It has breathtaking views of Mount Olympus, the Aegean Sea, vineyards, olive tree groves and wheat fields. Nea Gonia is located in Halkidiki, a mere 5 minutes away from sandy beaches, 10 minutes away from the English International School and only 15 minutes awa from the airport and Thessaloniki.


Halkidiki is famous for its beautiful beaches, more than 500 km of pristine sandy shores. It has crystal clear waters and unharmed nature for you in year round sunny weather. With the Holy Mount Athos nearby to explore as well as two Marinas, several 5 star hotels, golf courses, you are guaranteed your enjoyment and relaxation no matter your desire.

Acropolis of Antigone Nea Gonia


Of great interest is the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Antigone. The archaeological site dates back to 280 BC to the Macedonian king Antigonus II Gonatas. The site is easily accessible from the village and is a wonderful short hike.

Real estate

The amazing views and pristine beaches, plus the nearness of the airport, make the real estate market incredibly healthy in Nea Gonia. Physical health reasons are also a draw for potential new residents because the dry air and low humidity make it perfect for people with breathing or lung issues. Several real estate projects are underway in the region, and two health clinics have already been built for residents’ convenience.

Nea Gonia Real Estate
Nea Gonia Agriculture


Nea Gonia’s agriculture is an important feature throughout the region. The crops range from vine leaves that are used to produce the wonderful Greek staple of dolmadakia, to olives, extra virgin olive oil, and a variety of quality red and white wines. The Greek spirit, Tsipouro, is also to be found in this vibrant land. Nea Gonia has a unique micro-climate that makes it perfect for a wide variety of agricultural possibilities.