Nea Gonia

Discover Nea Gonia, a low-key Greek village!

Unrivalled micro-climate, close to pristine beaches, amenities and the vibrant city of Thessaloniki.

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Nea Gonia, a village of 800 residents, lies on a plateau facing southwest at an altitude of 150 meters (500 feet) above sea level. It rejoices of breathtaking panoramic views of the Mount Olympus, the Aegean Sea, vineyards, olive tree groves and wheat fields. Nea Gonia is located in the province of Halkidiki, in close proximity to crystal clear beaches, clinics, shopping malls, airport, International Schools and the exciting city of Thessaloniki.


Halkidiki is a peninsula, beginning near Thessaloniki, continuing south to form 3 legs resembling Poseidon’s trident. From west to east, these are Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos known for its fascinating monasteries.

The area is well known for its beautiful, untouched nature, colors, fragrances and the rich culinary fare. Pinewood forests give way to pristine sandy beaches bordered by crystal clear waters in whimsical bays. 50 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for their cleanliness.

Nea Gonia Real Estate
Picture of Villa Lamda located in Nea Gonia

Real Estate

Ready to be discovered!  The panoramic views, pristine beaches, nearby shopping malls, clinics, international airport, and Thessaloniki (2nd largest city in Greece), all contribute to a healthy foundation for future real estate growth. Moreover, residents benefit from an attractive micro-climate: the combination of dry air and low humidity make it suitable for individuals with breathing or lung issues.

Several real estate projects are underway in the region and two health clinics have already been built for the convenience of the residents. The area appears especially suitable for large-scale projects such as senior homes, gated villas, or retirement homes communities.


Nea Gonia’s agriculture is the cornerstone of the local economy, and the usage of organic methods long precede today’s trends. The crops range from vine leaves that are used to produce the wonderful Greek staple of dolmadakia, the olives used to extract an ultra-premium virgin olive oil, and the grapes, a variety of quality red and white wines. The Greek spirit, Tsipouro, is also to be found in this vibrant land.

Nea Gonia Agriculture

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